Corfe Mullen sports center closed after safety inspection

A SPORTS pavilion in East Dorset has been forced to close after inspections revealed fire, health and safety concerns.

The clubhouse building at Corfe Mullen Leisure Ground has been forced to halt all indoor sports lessons since June after thorough inspections by two councilors revealed the building posed a ‘risk to users’.

This was then followed by an independent health and safety inspection by a certified and qualified inspector.

The report, from Verwood-based Cusack-EHS, mentioned loose brickwork, exposed sharp edges and a kitchen with “a number of hygiene issues”.

Kitchen. Image by Cusack-EHS

The report adds: “At the time of the investigation, there were concerns about the state of the decoration, the effectiveness of the extractor fan, the condition of the kitchen floor surface and bad odors in the microwave oven.

“A number of (external) brick window sills are faulty. The bricks are loose and can be easily detached. There is a risk of a child accidentally pulling a brick, causing it to fall and injuring him.

The report also noted that no fire safety assessment had been carried out: “There was no evidence that a fire risk assessment had been undertaken in the building, nor any reference to it on a notice board.”

Bournemouth Echo: A window with cobwebs.  Image by Cusack-EHSA window with cobwebs. Image by Cusack-EHS

A spokesperson for Corfe Mullen Town Council said: ‘It is with great regret that the town council has been forced to take the decision to close the clubhouse building at the recreation ground due to fire, health and safety.

“The report’s findings supported Councilors’ concerns about fire, health and safety throughout the building and the possible risk to users as well as liability to the City Council.”

The Corfe Mullen Sports Association, which holds a lease for the building which expired in 2020, remains a tenant on a ‘holdback’ basis. They are responsible for the interior of the building under the lease.

Bournemouth Echo: Cracks were in the walls of the building.  Image by Cusack-EHSCracks were in the walls of the building. Image by Cusack-EHS

The Daily Echo has contacted the Corfe Mullen Sports Association for comment.

A woman who uses the clubhouse said: ‘All the clubs are run by volunteers and have used the ground and clubhouse for years without issue, so this sudden decision by the council seems extremely special.

“At this time, with rising levels of obesity and a mental health crisis, one would expect the council to prioritize local sports facilities.”

Bournemouth Echo: Mold is growing inside the building.  Image by Cusack-EHSWe see mold growing inside the building. Image by Cusack-EHS

The Corfe Mullen Town Council spokesman added: ‘The Town Council is unable to give advice on the various sports clubs as this falls within the remit and responsibility of CMSA.

“The City Council hopes that everyone affected by the closure will respect the decision and recognize that it is to protect the health and safety of all users of the pavilion. Further updates will be provided as information becomes known.

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