Clue, a SaaS investigation and intelligence platform, announces £ 5million strategic growth investment from Frog Capital

Targeted funding to support the company’s international growth strategy and platform innovation to improve specialist survey results

BRISTOL, England, November 17, 2021– (COMMERCIAL THREAD) – Clue, a SaaS survey management platform, today announced a growth investment of £ 5million from Frog Capital, a leading investor in European update software. ‘ladder. Demand for Clue has more than doubled in the past two years, driven by co-owners Clare Elford, CEO, and Thomas Drohan, CCO. From its roots in law enforcement, the platform is now used in the public, private and non-profit sectors to investigate cybercrime, fraud, child protection, corruption, environmental crime, cheating in sports and much more. Clare and Thomas are joined on the Board of Directors by Nick Harber, CFO; Mike Reid, Senior Partner at Frog Capital; and Adam Hale, president of the ScaleUp Institute, as president.

Clare Elford, CEO, said: “The world of intelligence and investigation is no longer limited to the police, there is a much broader application. Organizations are increasingly under scrutiny, finding themselves more vulnerable to threats and with a much greater duty of care to vulnerable people. .

“Clue has produced decades of investigative expertise in a platform that enables intelligence officers and investigative experts to achieve positive results. Many of those dedicated to preventing damage and seeking justice face the overwhelming volume and complexity of data. Still dependent on legacy systems, or even spreadsheets, it is a sector ready for digital transformation. “

Thomas Drohan, CCO, said, “With this investment, we will strengthen the capabilities of the platform with more capabilities in AI and ML, automation, data insights and business intelligence, everything. by continuing to support and develop our user community. Frog has a formidable track record. , with an impressive team that we look forward to working with to deploy the scaling methodology and drive business growth and a solution to better serve the market. “

Mike Reid, from Frog Capital, who is joining Clue’s board of directors, said: “Across all industries served by Clue, there is deep frustration with the lack of technology good enough to allow people to do their jobs. ‘investigation as efficiently and thoroughly as they need. For a long time, there has been a huge underinvestment in the way investigations are conducted, resulting in missed opportunities and slow results for hard-working investigative teams and the people they serve.

“Clue’s technology is truly offering clients a sea change in the way they handle and solve incredibly complex and sensitive investigative cases. Thanks to the investment of Frog and its team of experienced operators, Clue can accelerate their incredibly positive organizational and, above all, social impact in the key areas of law enforcement, child protection, financial crime, among others. “

Clue’s new president, Adam Hale, said: “‘I first met Clare and Thomas just before the pandemic and was really impressed with what they had built and the scale of the problem. clients that Clue solves. Since then, working with the ScaleUp group, they have leveraged value-added SaaS growth investments from Frog Capital. I have known Frog for many years and am delighted to be a part of their portfolio. I’m also very happy to be working with Nick Harber again, I studied IT in Bristol in the 80’s and love coming back to a city ready to support high growth organizations like Clue.

“Now this is the end of the beginning for Clue and the beginning of the path to market leadership. Speaking to clients, I can hear how invaluable Clue is to them. There are so many opportunities and I am thrilled to be a part of it. “

About index
Clue is a cloud-based investigative and intelligence case management platform that enables organizations to prevent damage and secure justice by creating intelligence and rapidly advancing investigations in the face of changing business situations. threats, increasing data volumes and the need for multi-agency collaboration.

About Frog Capital
Frog Capital is an investor specializing in scaling software in European high growth software companies and software companies in the scaling stage. Frog has a team of internal operational partners who actively support their portfolio at the executive level through the wide range of business challenges they face. Frog has combined over 20 years of experience to create its unique scale-up methodology, which provides a framework defining the main elements of success throughout the scale-up phase.

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