Blackline Safety: G7 Insight Redefines Gas Detection

“Beep and Flash” Gas Detectors Are Not Enough

To best meet the changing needs of our customers and fill the gaps in competing offerings, Blackline has just introduced G7 Insight, a simple new solution that combines gas detection with real-time compliance and business analytics tools. In short, G7 Insight gives teams time back, allowing them to focus on what’s important.

For the first time ever, the days of manually retrieving data from docking stations and reviewing spreadsheets are over. G7 Insight is the world’s first comprehensive, managed gas detection program to leverage 3G connectivity. With as little as 10 minutes of connectivity per day, G7 devices automatically save, download and compile data for hassle-free compliance analysis.

G7 Insight – What’s in it for you?

Businesses want to keep their employees safe, not wasting otherwise productive time replacing sensors, upgrading software or retrieving data logs – G7 Insight does it all, wirelessly and automatically, so our customers do not have to.

Zero downtime

G7 sensors are backed by a lifetime warranty, which means that if a sensor fails, the cartridge can be replaced with a new one in seconds. Sensors constantly monitor ambient gases and the G7 records and stores the information, even if the concentration has not reached dangerous levels. When G7 devices enter cellular coverage areas, stored data is automatically sent to the Blackline security network, providing transparency into who was exposed to what gas, concentration, their precise location and when it happened – all without having to take devices out of the field or retrieve data logs.

Live Compliance

In the past, meeting gas detection compliance regulations while maximizing productivity has been a challenge for businesses. Traditional practices leave room for human error and often mean that the compliance status of all equipment is unknown at any given time. Compliance is managed on a snapshot basis, periodically retrieving and reviewing test data, to prove compliance up to that point only. With G7 Insight, data is downloaded automatically and wirelessly from G7 devices and displayed on a personalized compliance dashboard. At all times, we provide maximum visibility into the compliance status of the fleet. From any internet-connected computer or phone, teams can quickly see which G7s are compliant and which need immediate attention. G7 Insight provides all the tools and software needed to gain real-time perspective and control over compliance programs.

Critical information

You can’t manage what you can’t measure. G7 Insight not only provides more data than available from beep and flash detectors, it also provides effortless review in our Blackline Analytics software. Usage time, location information, and device configurations are automatically recorded, stored, and uploaded by G7 detectors to the Blackline security network when in hotspots. Easily see who is using equipment correctly and who is not, and even identify docking stations that are not in use.

To further enhance Blackline Analytics, G7 detectors tag gas detection data with location information. The location of each gas exposure is automatically displayed on a map, so teams can plan proactive facility maintenance and reduce fugitive emissions.

Plug-and-play cartridges

G7 Insight customers can use G7 devices worn by a person, just like traditional gas detectors. Backed by a lifetime warranty, G7 Gas Sensor Cartridges are designed to customize gas detection functionality and minimize sensor maintenance and replacement time. Modularity also makes it easy to reconfigure G7 devices with new sensors as needs change.

Gas sensor test and calibration capabilities are built right into the G7, allowing it to accurately communicate all test data for compliance reporting to the Blackline Safety Network when in hazardous areas. connectivity. G7 Dock makes functional testing and calibration easy – G7 Dock leverages the connectivity of G7 devices instead of requiring the complexity of a networked docking station, simplifying testing while minimizing investment in docking stations complicated.

Personalize with Services

We designed G7 Insight to be scalable to meet each customer’s needs through a series of service upgrades. G7 Insight is part of our global connected security portfolio that includes real-time alerts to a live monitoring team, voice calls, premium gas sensors and more.

  • Real-time alerts including drop detected, no movement (man down), missed recording, high gas, low gas, short term exposure limit (STEL), time weighted average gas exposure limit (TWA) and more

  • Online emergency response management tools

  • 24/7 live monitoring from Blackline’s internal security operations center

  • Two-way voice call and messaging between employee and live monitoring team

  • Premium sensors: photoionization, chlorine, ammonia and carbon dioxide detector

  • Multi-gas pump cartridge for confined space entry and leak control (coming soon)

G7 Insight – knowledge and power for confined spaces and leak checks

Blackline has developed the world’s smallest connected gas detection system with an integrated pump. Like all of Blackline’s gas sensor cartridges, our pump cartridge can be installed on a G7 device in seconds. The pump cartridge is backed by the Blackline Sensor Lifetime Warranty which also covers the pump. The G7’s advanced firmware includes configurable modes – users can simply switch between stream and pump modes based on their activities, providing further customization.

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Let us know if you have any questions on how our G7 Insight program can replace your existing gas detector fleet while providing real-time compliance tools and business analytics.

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