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City approves increase in adult general admission tickets to Charles Paddock Zoo

Atascadero – The Atascadero City Council met for a regular meeting of City Council on Tuesday, June 14 at 6 p.m. The council began the meeting by recognizing some employees of the town of Atascadero.

Employees were recognized for reaching milestones of years of work for the city and their contributions. The rewarded employees are:

  • Justin Camp: Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator II, five years
  • Andrew Hawkins: fire engineer, five years
  • Jackson Light: fire engineer, five years
  • Laura-Ashley Purify: Community Services Officer, five years
  • Craig Martineau: Police officer, five years
  • Jennifer Fanning: Recreation Supervisor, 20
  • Rachelle Rickard: City manager, 25 years old

Staff removed Consent Item A2: March 2022 Investment Report to report to the Board at a later date. The rest of the consent agenda is adopted unanimously with Councilor Charles Bourbeau obtaining from item A5: 2022 Measure F-14 Road repair construction price.


Six public hearings were held during the meeting. The first three hearings involved district assessments and their resolutions, including the Apple Valley, De Anza Estates, and Woodridge (Las Lomas) assessment districts. All of their staff’s assessments and recommendations were adopted unanimously.

The fourth public hearing of the night was the confirmation of the Downtown Parking and Business Improvement Area (DPBIA) Annual Assessment for the 2022-2023 fiscal year.

The DPBIA is a collaborative effort with the Atascadero Chamber of Commerce. Downtown Atascadero businesses raise funds to promote downtown with events and embellishments.

Atascadero Mayor Heather Moreno said, “Their goal is to make downtown an even better place and be part of the excitement and energy that we see there – they play a big part in this regard.”

The DPBIA will result in the collection of approximately $12,800 and the expenditure of $12,820 in DPBIA funds budgeted and unanimously adopted by the Board.

The Board then approved the Atascadero Tourism Business Improvement District (ATBID) for confirmation of the annual evaluation for fiscal year (FY) 2022-2023.

The 2022-23 assessments are expected to cost the city approximately $298,170 (or more under current trends) and will be assessed at 2% of the rent charged on rooms and occupied spaces for transient services.

Finally, council discussed changes and additions to the municipal services fee schedule. Services include everything from permission fees to the cost of entry to Charles Paddock Zoo.

Staff recommended that certain fees be partially subsidized to encourage economic development, encourage compliance, ease the burden of appeals, and/or encourage volunteerism in the community.

Moreno suggested raising zoo entry fees for adults but keeping the prices the same for children. Bourbeau said that while he is not opposed to the idea, he would prefer to discuss and decide on zoo entrance fees with a separate motion.

The tax impact of the fee update is unknown; however, revenues are expected to increase with the adoption of the fee schedule project.

However, the board ended up approving the zoo general admission price increase as follows:

  • 13 and over, $10 to $12 increase
  • Seniors 65 and over, $9 to $10 increase

Admission prices for children will remain the same.

The Council unanimously adopted Draft Resolution A establishing a Schedule of Fees and Charges for Municipal Services, which can be viewed at

The new service fee schedule will come into effect 60 days after the resolution is passed.

The next city council is scheduled for June 28 at 6 p.m.

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