Ascert Expands Relationship to Offer Direct SQL and JDBC Access

Developers and database administrators unfamiliar with Enscribe can now easily access this data with standard SQL commands accessed directly from the NonStop server’s TACL shell.

Ascert’s latest Relate addition, Relate EnSQL, extends the capabilities of the Relate family of data maintenance products for the NonStop server. Relate allows users to easily query, manage, and compare data in Enscribe files. Relate EnSQL extends these features to meet the needs of enterprise environments by providing powerful data management capabilities and advanced reporting capabilities. The new product solves many of the inherent limitations of the Enscribe flat file database by using standard SQL syntax for data access without having to replicate data or intercept API calls. Relate EnSQL includes a local command line interface (CLI) for use directly on the HPE NonStop system and Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) support for local and remote Java client programs.

The command line interface provides full SQL syntax for querying Enscribe data directly as a file, without the need to export it to an external SQL database. SQL queries are applied directly to the underlying Enscribe data, saving time, effort and cost. These queries can be used to discover, parse and update the contents of files in place using standard SQL syntax statements without additional data manipulation.

Relate EnSQL’s JDBC support enables Java programs to query and update Enscribe data using standard Java tools and SQL syntax. JDBC support includes direct access from Java programs running under the HPE NonStop OSS personality using NonStop Java, or remotely using Java on other platforms (such as Windows or Linux machines). The standard JDBC interface and syntax is supported whether clients are running locally on HPE NonStop or remotely.

Developed by Ascert more than two decades ago to meet the needs of a large American bank, Relate quickly became the flagship product for managing these Enscribe databases, with its “SQL-like” syntax. This new product, Relate EnSQL, developed for another major bank but this time in continental Europe, raises the bar even higher. “We are delighted to make available this major extension to our Relate product line with the addition of Relate EnSQL,” said Andrew Mould, Managing Partner at Ascert. “Developers and database administrators unfamiliar with Enscribe can now easily access this data with standard SQL commands using our new command-line interface, accessible directly from the NonStop server’s TACL shell. Relate EnSQL also includes a JDBC layer that provides standardized data access for remote client programs, allowing the data to be easily used by sophisticated third-party data maintenance, reporting, and visualization tools.

To learn more about Relate EnSQL, visit the Ascert website or contact a local Ascert office.

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