Are you riding the GRC wave or are you missing the boat?

Change is happening in waves and the GRC (governance, risk and compliance) trend isn’t just here to stay – it’s thriving. Businesses of all sizes need to tackle SOC 2, CMMC, PCI, HIPAA, GDPR, and dozens of other standards. The lines between cybersecurity, privacy, risk management and compliance are no longer straight and demarcated – they are merging. Gone are the days when your team only managed everything related to security while compliance remained on the sidelines.

Today, the lines between these once disparate workflows are blurred, and for true operational resilience, organizations are turning to their MSSP to provide the full suite of compliance solutions, from assessment to audit. For the first time, MSSPs of all sizes can begin to effectively deliver CRM that results in a better customer experience and increased revenue for the MSSP.

The expansion of risks and much more created the wave

Rising security threats, more data in the cloud, and COVID have heightened the need to rethink GRC from a bulky advisory model to a more scalable delivery model that scales to MSSPs. Using Excel spreadsheets and other manual tactics to manage your customers’ security and compliance programs is inefficient and time-consuming. MSSPs of all sizes should consider software as the new, innovative and cost-effective way to jump into the GRC wave.

What to Look for in GRC Software for MSSPs

GRC software that is multi-tenant and provides all major cybersecurity frameworks on a single platform allows MSSPs to quickly launch compliance programs of any flavor for any customer. A comprehensive compliance platform includes assessment tools, compliance scoring, tasks, one-click reports for QBRs, and audit management, among other features, but tailored for MSSPs. Additionally, an open API and connectors will allow you to integrate GRC software with your other tools to automate tasks and evidence collection.

After assessing a customer’s cybersecurity compliance gaps, MSSPs can use GRC as a visualization dashboard to sell additional solutions to address the gaps identified by the assessment. You now have significant up-sell and cross-sell opportunities with other solutions in your ecosystem, driven by compliance requirements.

Most importantly, by creating programs that showcase the ability to audit compliance year after year, and not just for a single audit, MSSPs will be promoted as the go-to supplier for all things compliance.

embrace the future

By adopting GRC software as the engine of growth for your business, you will delight your customers and ride the GRC wave rather than missing the boat on that rising tide. By easily assessing, creating, managing, and reporting compliance for multiple customers at once using one software, you’re on your way to generating new revenue, reducing costs, and improving customer satisfaction.

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