Announcing the 10th Annual Big Data for Intelligence

Washington, DC, August 20, 2022 — ( — With $500 million in NDAA funding awarded for fiscal year 2023 to the new DoD CDAO, there is more effort than ever to intensify data analysis and use emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence to break down large data sets for better decision making. The 10th Annual Big Data for Intelligence Symposium will bring together high-level members of the Intelligence Community (IC), Department of Defense (DoD), military, academia, and industry to discuss innovative strategies, initiatives and partnerships to harness big data for action intelligence and strategic decision-making advantage. This year’s symposium will feature the perspectives of a variety of high-level leaders and stakeholders working to improve the processing, analysis, management and accessibility of large datasets to produce usable insights that will enable both to expedite the mission and to provide enhanced Warfighter capability in close contested environments.

The volume and accessibility of data is at an all-time high. Various threat actors now have the ability to leverage commercially available data-driven technologies for strategic effect from anywhere in the world, and the amount of data the IC and DoD now have to process and diffuse becomes overwhelming. This year’s forum will detail how various intelligence agencies and military commands are working to facilitate a more efficient approach to managing, storing, securing and analyzing these large data sets. A common theme of both IC and DoD data strategies has been to operationalize a data-centric approach by making data more discoverable, more accessible, and more globally agile. The integration of data management, data quality and other data innovation factors to ensure meaningful algorithms and the integrity of big data intelligence has become essential.

This event will take an in-depth look and provide attendees with insight into the current push by IC and DoD leaders to collaborate on using emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning to better identify patterns, accelerate decision-making and understand data management requirements. Accelerating the use of these tools will help analysts and intelligence users mine, process, and analyze data to better inform real-time operations and further foster a culture of innovation necessary for the United States to retain their military advantage in the future. Additionally, many sessions throughout this year’s event will focus on current efforts to keep pace with the rapid evolution of data-driven capabilities and how fundamental investments have been made in the industry. across government to develop and retain a data-savvy workforce. Finally, a panel of DoD, SOCOM, and industry experts will come together for a panel discussion and share with the audience how they are facilitating the evolution of ADVANA: The Big-Data Platform for Advanced Data Analytics. DoD.

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