Airwallex Announces New Banking Feed Integration with NetSuite

Australia-based fintech Airwallex has integrated accounting software NetSuite to simplify the reconciliation of business expenses.

Airwallex customers in Australia, Hong Kong, EMEA and the United States will be able to automatically sync transactions across their NetSuite accounts to get the latest view of their financial status on a single platform. By eliminating the need for manual data entry, clients benefit from faster and more accurate reconciliation of business expenses.

Airwallex representatives said they were excited to expand integration partnerships to include NetSuite. By providing customers with the added convenience of automatically syncing their Airwallex transactions with NetSuite, they benefit from saving time and reducing the risk associated with manual errors, allowing businesses to manage their finances.

Some customers of this product have reported that this new integration has saved them time on daily manual downloads and allows their team to perform bank reconciliation at any time in NetSuite without worrying about whether transactions match their statements. banking.

This latest integration follows a series of other partnerships signed by Airwallex. Earlier in 2022, the company announced that it had been selected by Qantas Loyalty to support its new upcoming financial services offering, Qantas Business Money. More recently, Airwallex partnered with UK investment app Plum to support the launch of its new US investment product.

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