5 vital spreadsheet apps for power users of Excel and Google Sheets


Those who regularly work with spreadsheets know their power and their limits. These free web tools can make life easier for users of Excel, Google Sheets, or any spreadsheet software.

Microsoft Excel remains the king of spreadsheet apps, while Google Sheets is the big winner for free users. But whether you are using one of these or one of the fantastic Excel alternatives for spreadsheets, these apps could get a little help. Whether it’s sharing your files securely online or opening a CSV file with millions of rows of data, there are a few free web apps that make spreadsheets better.

1. XLS fast (Web): Simple, connectionless way to share spreadsheets online

Quick XLS is a free, secure, connectionless way to share spreadsheets online as a link

You can email an Excel file, share it in the cloud, or share an editable file on Google Sheets. But all of this requires the other person to have one of those accounts. Additionally, there are security risks associated with publicly sharing a spreadsheet from your Google Spreadsheets. It’s a good idea to periodically check who has access to your Google Drive files.

Quick XLS provides a simple, secure, and connectionless way to share spreadsheets online in the form of a single link. Go to the site, add a title to your file, and copy-paste the content from any spreadsheet you have. Then click submit to get a unique link with your rows and columns, which you can embed in any website or share as a link with others. They are free to copy or modify them as needed.

Unfortunately, Quick XLS does not support multiple sheets for the same file. It’s a failure, but given the safety and convenience you get in return, it’s a worthy sacrifice. It’s a great alternative to sharing a publicly searchable and editable Google Sheet.

2. Spreadsheet timeline (Web): Quickly generate a custom timeline to paste into sheets

Spreadsheet timeline saves you the trouble of creating a column timeline for coding long-term sprints and projections

We often use spreadsheets to create timelines to track projects and long term goals. However, creating these timelines in sheets is a tedious process of copying and pasting, adding dates, etc. The Spreadsheet Timeline makes it much easier to create a custom timeline that you can download in XLS format or copy and paste into a spreadsheet app. of your choice.

The app allows you to add the start date to your timeline and choose a date format (mm / dd / yyyy or yyyy / mm / dd). Your timeline can appear grouped into days and weeks or weeks and quarters. If you are a developer who uses it for sprints, Spreadsheet Timeline will automatically add ten sprints, but you can turn this option off.

In the end, you get a simple sheet with lines for the start of the week, date, day, important dates, holidays / vacation, and start and end. Each day has a separate column to fill out on the sheet when you receive it.

3. Quick worksheet (Chrome): Temporary spreadsheet in Chrome extensions

Quick Spreadsheet is a stand-alone temporary sheet that resides in Google Chrome for quick calculations and copy and paste

A spreadsheet is useful for so many things: complex mathematical calculations, making ordered lists and changing the order, creating graphs, sorting data, etc. We often do these things, but if opening a new spreadsheet file for it seems too complicated, Quick Spreadsheet is the answer.

This app resides in the Chrome extension bar. Click on it for a drop-down pane containing a temporary worksheet. It’s incredibly fast and comprehensive. With a standard formula bar, all the functions you’re used to in Sheets, with text and cell formatting options, this is pretty much a standard spreadsheet app. You can even create multiple sheets inside.

Of course, everything is temporary because you can’t save this information to a file. But it’s as easy as copy and paste. The goal of Quick Spreadsheet is speed, and it does it perfectly.

To download: Quick worksheet for Chromium (To free)

4. Sheet List (Web): Download free spreadsheet templates and out-of-the-box spreadsheets

Sheetlist is a collection of free spreadsheet templates and ready-made sheets for all occasions

Sheetlist is a collection of free spreadsheet templates to download ready-made Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets files. The sheets are sorted into categories such as Invoices, COVID-19, Random and Entertainment, Content Marketing, Weddings, Social Media, Productivity, Growth, Project Management, Investments and Equities, Taxes, Budget and Finance, SEO, Marketing by e -mail and App Store Optimization.

Each category has multiple sheets like finance category having different types of budgeting worksheets. You will see a screenshot of what it looks like and a little description of what it does. You can also submit your own sheets to Sheetlist.

Most of the hosted files are Google Spreadsheets, which you cannot download or edit. But when you open the file, click “Make a Copy” to add it to your own Google Spreadsheets. You can then download it, edit it, or copy and paste the cells.

5. CSV Explorer (Web): Open spreadsheets with millions of rows

CSV Explorer can handle spreadsheets containing millions of rows of data without crashing or freezing

Spreadsheets are fantastic for storing a huge amount of data, especially in CSV format. For example, you might have a profile of hundreds of thousands of users or datasets with millions of rows. But have you ever tried to open such a file in Excel or Google Sheets? The application will freeze, and there is a good chance that your computer will give up under the load of handling such a large file.

CSV Explorer is a tool dedicated to managing spreadsheets with a large data set. The free version of the web application supports up to 5 million lines and can go up to 20 million lines with the premium package.

The open file can be used to search, filter, and analyze your data, just like any powerful spreadsheet program. It will save your dataset for up to 2 weeks, but be careful, you cannot save or export it. For this you will need the paid Pro account.

Improve your Excel game

As you use different types of apps to create better spreadsheets, you will naturally conclude that Excel is the best of all. This is mainly to use other applications to augment Excel rather than the other way around.

And in Microsoft Excel itself, there is always more to learn. For example, just learning basic SEARCH functions will completely revolutionize the way you use spreadsheets in Excel. Universities offer free courses on upgrading your Excel game, business skills essential to data analysis. Take advantage of everything the Internet has to offer for free to improve your use of spreadsheets.

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