430% increase in female users in 2021, according to Unicorn Apna.Co


Despite the challenges faced during the pandemic, the representation of women has significantly improved in the workforce across roles and hierarchies, according to a report from the jobs and professional networking platform apna.co .

The unicorn claims to have witnessed a massive 430% increase in the number of female users in 2021. The report pointed out that there had been a 12-fold increase in the number of women interviewing on the apna platform in 2021 compared to 2020. The report said that women engaged in 48 million professional conversations. During this year and among these, 56 percent of these conversations were led by women from Level I and II cities. Cities such as Pune, Hyderabad and Ahmedabad have noted a significant increase in the number of female users of the platform. The maximum number of female content creators in the Apna communities came from subways such as Delhi-NCR, Mumbai and Bengaluru.

According to the company, on average, women interview at least 8 times a month, which is 33% more than men. Interestingly, 39% of apna.co users have a 12th pass or less. The most popular roles on the platform included call center and BPO, back office, receptionist, front office, teacher, accounting, finance, administrator, office assistant and data entry operators. The report also showed an 11-fold increase in health care jobs for women.

The study also highlights that not only are women entering the labor market, but also taking on unconventional jobs. Unlike last year, apna saw an increase in the number of women applying for various non-traditional positions, including delivery partners, security guards, lab technicians, physical trainers, drivers and others. The top companies with the most female-only jobs were Urban Company, Lakme, Zomato, Motherhood India Hospitals and Fortis, the report added.

According to the job portal, this percentage will continue to increase in 2022. The company which has more than 5 million female users on its platform said the above trends are encouraging and highlight the changing dynamics of India’s growing workforce.

“Achieving gender parity would increase India’s GDP by up to 27%, according to a recent IMF report. Likewise, the World Bank reports that India’s GDP growth rate will exceed 9% of the workforce if women have a fair share of jobs and the country can increase its growth by 1.5 percentage points. percentage per year if only 50% of women join the workforce. While we still have a long way to go, the 2021 data on apna’s female workforce is encouraging and points to an upward graph in their participation, ”said Manas Singh, Chief Business Officer at apna .co.

The apna startup was incorporated 21 months ago and was only fully launched about 15 months ago. On September 16, its valuation reached $ 1.1 billion. The professional networking platform for blue and gray collar workers, claims to have seen an 8-fold growth in the number of new users in Level II markets and 3.3 times in Level I cities.

(Edited by : Aditi Gautam)


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